Multi Layer Stacking Module

A MULTI-LAYER STACKING MODULE allows the stacking of containers of various types, shapes and materials (products such as brik® type products, cans, bottles, vials, multi-packs, jars, etc.) on two or more layers packed in film only, tray, flat cardboard pad or in wrap-around.
This module can therefore be installed on all shrink film packaging machine and wrap-around cardboard packers, as well as on combined machines and on cardboard packers with integrated handle applicator, both in single and double lanes.
It consists of a stacking device with different properties and technical characteristics, depending on the machine model and the type of product handled. The sizes that can be processed vary depending on shape, capacity and size of containers.


  • Reduced packaging material costs
  • Easy storage (pack compactness) and transport (handles can be applied)
  • Extreme operating flexibility (wide range of packs can be processed)

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