A MODULE FOR PARTITION BOARDS INSERTION can be installed on wrap-around packers, both in single and double lane, for the packaging of containers such as bottles, flasks, and jars normally in particolarly delicate materials (for example glass containers).
his device inserts pre-assembled flat cardboard partitions inside cardboard boxes so to protect products from damage and breakage and to preserve labels from possible abrasions.
The device is made up of a robotic arm, which picks up partitions by means of suction cups, and of a storage magazine for pre-assembled partitions.
The arm picks up a pre-assembled partition from the storage magazine, opens it and deposits it top load between the underlying containers, before they are grouped into the desired configuration. Simultaneously, a cardboard die cut coming from the cardboard storage area is wrapped around the product by means of the corresponding guides, so to create a closed box.


  • Optimal management of the space available, since the entire device (arm and partition storage area) is inserted in the top part of the card board packer without any modification of its dimensions.
  • Optimised timing of partition insertion and loading time from their storage area, since these are already pre-assembled.

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