Module for 1/4 Europallet – 1/2 Europallet – Complete Europallet Tray Formation

A MODULE FOR ¼ EURO PALLET – ½ EURO PALLET AND COMPLETE EURO-PALLET FORMATION can be applied on shrink film + tray wrapping machines and all wrap-around packers as well as on combined machines; both in single and double lanes, for the packaging of containers of various types, shapes, and materials (products such as brik® type product, cans, bottles, flasks, multi-packs, jars, etc.).
In addition to traditional cardboard boxes/trays or shrink film bundles (with tray), the application of this module also allows the formation of so-called ‘display pallets’, such as large corrugated cardboard trays with dimensions equal to 1/4 Euro-pallet – 1/2 Euro-pallet – complete Euro-pallet.
This module provides an economically advantageous and technically innovative solution!
In fact the only possible alternative solutions for the processing of these packages would be the use of two different machines:
• one for the formation of cardboard boxes or shrink wrapped bundles with trays in traditional formats of 6, 12, 15 and 24 pieces;
• and the second, to pack the smaller shrink wrapped bundles in larger ones by ¼ and 1/2 of a pallet or in complete Euro-pallet trays.


  • Optimal use of the space available and of the packaging transport
  • Easy handling of pallets in stores
  • Savings on packaging material
  • Reduced storage and transport costs

Shrink Wrappers

Cardboard Packers