After Sale Service

Remote Tele-service

All our machines can be equipped with a tele-service connection system, through which GAMPACK Technical Team can operate directly on the machine in real time from a remote workstation. Through our tele-service assistance, our operators can analyse the information displayed on the machine panel touch-screen through their own monitors, promptly performing a rapid analysis of the operating parameters and advising the operator on the best way to restore full operation of the plant. Furthermore, the tele-service system is used for sending any machine software updates as it allows a fast transfer of large amounts of data.

Telephone Support

Guaranteed 24 hours a day, is dedicated both to emergency situations and to requests for on-site service. Our multilingual technical staff is available to assist our Customers, with the awareness that a quick response to requests is today vital to ensure a constant and reliable production.

On-site Interventions

Guaranteed, in the event that any malfunctions cannot be solved through remote assistance, or if expressly requested. We offer full service ASSISTANCE worldwide with the aid of SPECIALISED IN-HOUSE MULTI-LINGUAL TRAVELLING SUPPORT TECHNICIANS or LOCAL, and EXCLUSIVE PARTNERS operating directly in various markets, always available during business hours and ready to intervene in the shortest time possible and however within 24/48 hours from the reception of the receipt, depending on the destination.

Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Scheduled preventive, ordinary and extraordinary, maintenance ensures a scheduled minimisation of line downtimes, and also a perfect machine efficiency throughout its entire lifespan.