Top Head Module

A TOP HEAD MODULE can be installed on shrink film + tray wrapping machines and on tray packers (IF PRE-ARRANGED), integrating the functions of a wrap-around machine.
The application of this handle makes it possible to obtain two types of different packaging on a single machine for containers of various types, shapes, and materials (such as brik® type products, cans, bottles, flasks, multi-packs, jars, etc.).
In the tray former machines+ film, the cardboard die cut, is bent and wrapped around products by means of special guides positioned in the lower part of the machine through side and front flap folding devices.
This module KIT includes the application of guides, rollers, and cylinders positioned in the top part of the machine, symmetrically to the lower folding area, allowing folding and gluing of the cover or the upper flaps for the complete wrap-around box.
In the kit is included the unit with hot melt glue applicator for an excellent package sealing.


  • Operational flexibility: double packaging solution with a single machine
  • Optimal use of the available space (logistic management)
  • Reduced energy consumption: environmental awareness

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