Module for Brik® Type Product Rotation for Caps Orientation

A ROTATION MODULE, upstream of machine in-feed, allows a 180° rotation of brik® type products of various shapes on their own axis, in such a way as to direct the product to the desired positioning inside the pack. The application of this module is an effective solution for the positioning of packages in the required direction.
It can be installed on all shrink film packaging machines and wrap-around packers for brik® type product with cap processing, as well as on combined machines, both in single and double lanes and on cardboard packers with integrated handle applicator.
It can be applied to our packaging machines in the basic version to rotate always the products with caps or with the by-pass option which allows the rotation or not of the brik® type product according to the specific necessity. Application of this module is an effective mktg strategy solution where attention to container positioning has a visual impact on the pack (showing of labels in their final positions in the most attractive way to consumers) or where practical marketing requirements must be met (hiding bar codes to avoid reading by optical pens).


  • Effective exposure on shelves, with front display of the brand.
  • Decreased packaging material costs (avoiding the use of printed film).
  • Recommended for managing bar codes

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