MWB is a range of automatic cardboard packers with integrated handle applicator for the packaging of brik® type products in wrap-around cardboard + carrying  handle to cover production of up to 60 packs per minute. A handle application station is built into the same frame, offering significant savings for Customers in terms of overall dimensions, consumption and man/machine interface.

Wrap Around + Integrated Handle Applicator .

Relevant Markets
Beverage and Dairy , Food & Baby Food .


MWB Range


Up to 60 packages per minute with handle application station 


Optimization of dimensions: In a single wrap around frame and handle application
Quick commissioning – a single machine body Minimum dimensions
Flexibility of the proposed solutions: Wide range of formats and packaging solutions
Increased safety in terms of product flow: higher productivity
Savings in production costs for each package
Flexibility: Wide range of formats and packaging solutions
Intuitive user interface
High-level components


Packaging machine with painted steel structure (possible option: stainless steel) for the packaging of various type of products in open trays or wrap-around cardboard, configured with LINEAR, 90°, or 180° infeed which is an even more compact version.

Main machine features: 

  • Painted steel machine bearing structure (possible option: stainless steel)
  • Pneumatic product separator to enable a smooth product channelling into the stainless steel feeding guides
  • Minimum accumulation photocell control for each channel
  • Pneumatic product separation
  • Continuous motion bar conveyor, synchronised with the machine that leads the product directly to the die cut
  • Motorised die cut pick-up from the machine
  • Continuous wrap-around carton  forming section  with hot-melt glue applicator. The formation is carried out through the lower and upper unit, adjustable in height and in width by means of an adjustment handwheel.
  • Easy, fast size changes
  • Main automatic controls with alarm and machine stop signals for:
    – “Minimum die cut storage accumulation”
    – “No die cut pick-up”
    – “No die cut under product”
    – “Product overturned or  missing”
  • Electrical cabinet on  the machine
  • Control panel with “touch-screen”colour display 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Handle applicator description

Automatic machine to apply self-adhesive handles made of a special transparent tape and carton label on bundles of various products.

The adhesive handle-tape is uncoiled by an electronically-driven roller according to the packs flow. Handle-cardboard (or other materials) lamination to the adhesive tape is performed continuously through a mechanic double-cam device (patented).

The handle thus obtained is pasted continuously on the pack in transit through a series of pneumatic arms. The adhesive tape is cut by a cutting group equipped with a cam-driven blade.

On option, and according to the products to work, the machine can be equipped with an arch-handle device.

The handle and cardboard is electronically centred, allowing the machine to catch up on possible mistakes and performing automatically the re-positioning.

The handle-tape is in transparent mono-oriented polypropylene laminated with cardboard (or other materials) that could be blank, coloured or printed with advertising signs and/or images. 

Each head can be equipped with a second reel-holder for 5000-mt-adhesive tape reels.

All the machine’s models can work on laminated adhesive tape.




This machine automatically adjusts wrap-around cardboard formation unit based on width, length, and height of the package.
It also automatically adjusts the width and the uprising  of the cardboard itself.
The other adjustments remain manual (cardboard storage, product input guides, etc.).
Advantages: very reduced format change times and with minimum manual intervention by the operator.

All machine adjustments are carried out automatically in changing from one format to another.
Advantages: very reduced format change times and without manual intervention by the operator.


Heated guides are electrically heated elements that prevent the crystallisation of adhesive tape (in the case in which machines are installed in facilities with temperatures equal to or below 15°). The heating elements heat up the tape and melt the glue so that the handle attaches more easily to the pack.