Gampack Italy

GAMPACK was created in the beginning of the new millennium to meet the needs of the secondary packaging market, that strongly required highly functional and customised machines that were however simple from the point of view of logic, running and maintenance.

The strength of GAMPACK is that of creating and customising standard machines according to each project’s requirements, interpreting Customers’ needs with relation to the processed product, required packaging, and needs related to logistics, overhall dimensions, flexibility, ease of use and quick size change, transversally operating in different segments from bottles (both glass and PET) to cans, from jars to flasks, and from brik type products to bowls or clusters.

In addition to constant attention to technological innovation aimed at finding specific solutions, GAMPACK has set the after-sales service punctuality and efficiency as a further central element of its philosophy of growth, increasing its efficacy in offering: shipment of spare parts within 24 hours since the request – continuous telephone support – targeted interventions via specialised in-house technicians or qualified, exclusive technicians operating in various markets.

In a highly competitive world offering more and more choices among multiple solutions and possibilities, QUALITY in design and in selection of suppliers, TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH and INNOVATIVE ABILITY together with the TIMING of service are for GAMPACK essential values to look confidently ahead towards the challenges of the market and to assist Customers reliably, from project development throughout the lifespan of their installed machines.