Module for Vertical Interlayer Insertion

A VERTICAL INTERLAYER INSERTION MODULE allows the insertion of a vertical layer between two rows of containers of various types, shapes and materials (products such as brik® type products, cans, bottles, flasks, multi-packs, jars, etc.), giving vertical support to the package in palletising and storage.
It can be installed on all shrink film packaging machine models and wrap-around cardboard packers, as well as on combined machines, both in single and double lanes and on cardboard packers with integrated handle applicator.
Furthermore, in case of brik® type products with caps packed in film only, the application of this module is an efficient solution where the attention to the cost of packaging is crucial, providing a possible alternative to wrap-around offering a guard support to caps for storage on pallets.


  • Easy storage – Pack compactness – Safety in package transport
  • Decreased packaging material costs (where possible, this is an excellent alternative to wrap-around cardboard)

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