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SPECIAL shaped containers normally in cardboard or plastic in various forms from tetrahedral (Classic® tetra) or exclusive merchandising solutions (tetra wedge®) for minimising packaging space and strengthening the brand image. Designed to draw attention to the product, with a young look and high shelf visibility. Created to contain liquids such as juice, milk, soft drinks. Allow you […]

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Plastic or glass containers commonly used for household cleaning:cleansers, window cleaners, degreasers, detergents, acids, bleaches, solvents, paint, alcohol, de-scaling and de-clogging products, etc..Personal hygiene and cosmetic products: hampoo, soap, gel, cream, lotion, etc…

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Usually round-based containers in glass, plastic and ceramic with round or square shape, generally used for storing long life food such as: jams, preserves, pickled foodstuffs, baby food, sauces and seasoning, canned fish (tuna fish – anchovies, etc.), canned food – and personal hygiene products.

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Typically round-shaped containers used for soft drinks or spray products, made of metallic materials and therefore easily and profitably recyclable.

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Round, square, or rectangular-based containers in glass, plastic and ceramic, used to contain liquids such as: water, soft drinks, beer, wine, oil, but also medicines, liquid soap, and personal hygiene products.

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Rectangular, square or special format containers normally in cardboard or plastic that are commonly used for foodstuffs and are especially suitable for fresh beverages such as pasteurised milk or products that contain live bacteria such as yoghurt and probiotics.These products are also suitable for other liquid products and beverages as they are impenetrable to air

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